Your Body and Your Mind – the Essence of You

Gus Vidaurreta, CEO Top Secret Nutrition

Your body and your mind are the essence of you.  We tend to address physical and psychological issues separately, as if they were not related. It is not just us, overworked health professionals have the same tendency.  The treatments and drugs that are prescribed depend largely on whether the professional belongs to the “body” or “mind” field.

We need to look at every health issue as a possible combination of the body and the mind.

Let us use low testosterone levels in men as an example. Low testosterone can be caused by obesity, poor workout habits, and of course aging. But did you know that the loss of a spouse has been proven to cause the same loss in testosterone levels as ten years of aging? One could argue that the loss of a spouse could lead to different eating, sleeping and overall living habits, but the implications are deeper than that. The mind, disturbed, affects the body in a negative way.

Obesity offers another example of how “holistic” we all are. While there are many studies that indicate that obese people are more likely to be depressed. Did you know that there are other studies that state that depression can lead to weight gain? This is the type of “what came first the chicken or the egg” stituation that demands that we look at every possible cause and effect when facing any sort of health issue, may it manifest itself to be primarily physical or mental.

There are many more proven “connections” between the body and the mind. This “blog” was not written with the intention of providing the reader with a formula to address a specific health issue. We are all different, our ailments are different, and the relationship of our body and mind are different. The sole purpose of my writing is to expose the reader to this close nexus, and to change how you proceed when addressing a health issue or consulting a professional health provider.

Next time your stomach hurts ask the doctor: “could mental stress be causing this?” The answer to that question will dictate a regime and a medication that could improve from being a simple band-aid to completely fixing the issue.

Jeanie Vidaurreta