Introducing TSN Fit Mom!

Kristal Richardson

Hi! My name is Kristal Richardson and I am starting a movement that I like to call TSN Fit Mom. Follow me on Instagram @TSNFitMom.

Allow me to explain:  I am an IFBB pro figure competitor, Brand Ambassador for Top Secret Nutrition, wife, friend, trainer, coach and most importantly, a mom.  Like most busy moms today, I wear many hats. My time is divided between caring for my two young daughters, my home and extended family, shopping for and preparation of healthy meals, spending quality time with my husband Tom (Co-Founder and President of Top Secret Nutrition), and . . . the list goes on!

The “me” time is tough to come by, but I have made it a priority to be a Fit Mom. I want to continue to be strong and healthy and to provide my daughters with a good example of living a healthy and active life.  I strive to eat as healthy as possible, stay active, and squeeze in my workouts as often as possible.

I know there are TONS of you Fit Moms out there, and some of you moms who want to improve your fitness levels, but need some inspiration to set fitness goals and motivation to keep moving toward them. I hope to build my Instagram account, @TSNFitMom, into a place where we can all share ideas and tips and give each other encouragement! I will post workout tips, motivational pictures, healthy recipes, inspirational quotes, stories about my personal journey and more.

**** I encourage you to follow me on IG @TSNFitMom.  I welcome your comments and ideas!  Also, please share with us on your own accounts, tagging me and using the hash tags #TSNFitMom and #TopSecretNutrition. Let’s GO!  Tell your friends too!!  ****

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