Second Half Comeback

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Gus Vidaurreta, CEO Top Secret Nutrition
Gus Vidaurreta, CEO Top Secret Nutrition

This Second Half Comeback post is for all of you men over 45, yes you!

My business partner Tom and I have been planning to present the concept of a “Second Half Comeback” in a book, but having written a book, and knowing how much work they take to complete has stopped us. Now I am 61 (Tom is not far behind), and every day that passes I feel like I am about to end the third quarter. We feel great though, don’t get me wrong. I think being immature helps.

Back to the book, or at least the topic of the book.

Close your eyes and imagine a football game. It is getting close to half time. As the last few seconds tick off, the teams start their run to the locker room. As he trots off the field the quarterback looks over his shoulder and gets a CLEAR view of the half-time score. In the locker room the players are met by the coaching staff with pictures of the plays, and ideas of what has worked and not worked, and more important why. The coaches and the players discuss the first half and design a plan to win the second half. As they run out of the tunnel to finish the game, the players are excited and confident. They WANT to play the second half.

Now cut over to a middle age man.

We can see middle age, that 45 to 50 range as our personal “half-time.” The man hits that age pretty much alone, on his own. Others around him are hitting the milestone too, but they are not wearing the same uniform. As his first half seconds tick down, and as he runs into the locker room of his mind, he looks over his shoulder looking for his life score, but there is no CLARITY, there is no scoreboard. Is he winning? Is he losing? He does not know.

In his locker room he does not find coaches with pictures of the plays used in the first half. He does not find anyone to review his life until now, he is alone. He sits to ponder in silence, trying to figure out the score, unable to do so. It is time to go back and play that second half, but unlike the excited and confident football team, the middle age man is not ready, he is scared. He does not WANT to go back out. He knows it will be a difficult game and that he will have to play it alone.

He runs into the field, panics and throws long (25 year-old girlfriend and red Corvette type of long.) The ball gets intercepted and his second half turns into a nightmare.

I did not want to depress you. I just wanted to frame this series of post in the same way Tom and I wanted to frame the book. In this series, we will become your locker room coach and explore topics such as man’s health issues, mental issues, social realities, financial planning and even spirituality (although not being spiritual the value of our ideas here may be questionable.) The idea is to build a plan for that second half that inevitably awaits us, so that every one of us can run out of the locker room with a chance to win the game.

Do you think this second half comeback topic is worth writing about? If yes, give me some comments. Thanks!

Jeanie Vidaurreta

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