Ara’s Comeback Story

Ara's before and after pictures

ARA KAZARIAN has a comeback story of his own to share!  He made an impressive comeback from being overweight.  Ara is originally from Rhode Island and has lived in Florida for most of his adult life. He worked out and was interested in bodybuilding growing up and got serious about training when he moved to the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach. He worked out with a trainer and aspired to look like the bodybuilders that he admired, but he had no intention of competing himself.

Ara lost his focus on eating clean and working out, and by November of 2010, he had ballooned to 293 pounds. In January 2011, he resolved to change his ways and began his journey “back.” He credits Equinox South Beach staff for giving him great motivation, especially trainer Eric Story. Ara earned the nickname AK47 for his “guns” and in 2011 he began training with coach Jose Maria Invernizzi, who Ara says, “literally changed my life.” He also met Top Secret Nutrition CEO and co-founder Gus Vidaurreta during this time and was introduced to Top Secret Nutrition products.

In April 2014, Ara entered the NPC Southeast Classic bodybuilding competition, where he placed 3rd in both the Masters and Open divisions. In October 2014, he competed in the NPC Florida Gold Cup and placed 3rd there also.

Ara has been a Top Secret Nutrition Brand Ambassador and Athlete since 2015. His favorite supplements are Pump Igniter Black pre-workout and Ab Igniter Black. He continues to train at Equinox South Beach as well as Steel Gym, both of which have been incredibly supportive of him.

Ara says, “My goal was just to compete and prove I could come back from being overweight. You need to have total dedication and make bodybuilding a lifestyle.  I look forward to competing again.”

We at Team Top Secret congratulate Ara for taking control of his health and having the strength and discipline to accomplish his goal in championship form!

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